Terms & Conditions

I authorize ashley michaelsen inc (AMPRshowroom) to charge my card on any current or future loaned transactions where items are not returned. I understand the amount charged will be the total value of shoes for that particular pull and that value is at the showroom's discretion." I understand that AMPR does charge a $5.00 restock fee on my card for loaned transactions. 

I authorize ashley michaelsen INC to charge my card for any current or future rental transactions for the listed rental price plus the deposit fee. I understand if rented items are never returned or items are damaged that I will not receive my deposit back, Plus my credit card will be charged the full value of the items rented. The full value amount is at the showroom's discretion. I understand if I return the rented item in the "return window timeline" and with no damages, I will be refunded my deposit. 

I authorize ashley michaelsen INC to charge my card if I return items (either loans or rentals) late beyond the three day grace period from the return date, unless otherwise authorized by AMPRshowroom for an extension. 

I understand myself or anyone working on half of me will take full responsibility for any lost/stolen or completely damaged items borrowed from AMPR showroom including any items lost during shipping services. We understand general wear and tear on items.

I understand not returning items in a timely manner or losing items will jeopardize my relationship with AMPR and future projects working together.