Terms & Conditions

I authorize ashley michaelsen inc to charge my card on any future loaned pulls where items are not returned and the amount charged will be the total value of shoes for that particular pull" I understand that AMPR does not charge upfront any authorization fee or holding fee on my card for loaned pulls. I authorize ashley michaelsen INC to charge my card for any future rented pulls for the full amount for that pull upon return. I understand if rented items are never returned, my credit card will be charged the full value amount of the items rented. I authorize ashley michaelsen INC to charge my card if I return items (either loans or rentals) late beyond the two day grace period from the return date. I understand myself or anyone working on half of me will take full responsibility for any lost/stolen or completely damaged items borrowed from AMPR showroom including any items lost during shipping services. We understand general wear and tear on items. I understand not returning items in a timely manner or losing items will jeopardize my relationship with AMPR and future projects working together.