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Glamour Magazine Featuring Elizee Footwear
VogueFeaturing United Nude
Harpers BazaarWearing Charles David 
Glamour MagazineWearing AMPR rentals
CosmopolitanWearing Charles David
L'official cover and featureWearing Shy Siren
GraziaWearing Andreanne Patry
INSTYLE MAGAZINEFeaturing Elizee Shoes
Daily MagazineFeaturing Charles David
V MagazineFeaturing Charles David
Instyle MagazineWearing Elizee footwear
OK! MagazineFeaturing Belvedere Footwear
Harpers BazaarWearing United Nude
 CosmopolitanFeaturing Charles David 
Glamour South AfricaWearing Charles David
Harpers BazaarWearing Charles David
L'Officiel BalticsShy Siren Placement and AMPR Rentals
A Book of MagazineFeaturing United Nude
Avante MagazineMegan good wearing Charles David
Avessa MagazineWearing United Nude
Cliche MagazineFeaturing Liam and Jeila
La Palme MagazineWearing Charles David
Gay TimesWearing Charles David
LA Travel MagazineWearing Charles David
Muze MagazineWearing Andreanne Patry
Untitled MagazineWearing AMPR Rentals 
Basic MagazineWearing United Nude
Nion MagazineWearing Liam and Jeila
Bello Magazine DigitalCharles David Placement
Haute PunchCharles David Footwear
QP MagazineShy Siren Placement
Unclear MagazineCharles David Footwear Placement
Flaunt MagazineShy Siren Placement
French Fries MagazineCharles David Footwear
Anitta Faking Love (Feat Saweetie)Charles David Placement
Thuy In My Bag Music VideoShy Siren Placement
Ella Wolsey Music VideoCharles David Placement