In order for us to make a brand a dedicated gallery on our website we will need high resolution images, if you don't already have your own we are happy to produce them for you free of charge. 

Traditionally clients like to provide 15-20 samples at once depending on the kind of brand. If you are an apparel brand it would be more effective to provide 10 different styles in two different sizes. Sizes 2, 4, 6 are most commonly requested. We decide collectively with the brand which styles we both feel would get the most activity and requests.  From a brands perspective they would want to focus on styles that are best sellers or ones you have the most inventory of. From a showroom perspective, we would want to focus on styles that are the most eye catching, fashion forward and flattering and flexible fit. Between both perspectives we come up with a good mixture. If you are a footwear brand, we would suggest to also focus on 10-12 styles in two different sizes, Sizes 7, 8, 9 are the most commonly requested. We would suggest styles types that are on trend, higher heel types and items you would see on a red carpet. 

Yes! it's always best to have the latest collection in our showroom, we are happy to add on styles as new collections come out, or swap styles out as needed. We try not to limit brands on the amount of SKU's they want in the showroom but it depends on our rack and shelf space at that time. 

Yes, if you decide you no longer want to work with AMPR, we ship back all your samples upon request. Please keep in mind, they will no longer be sellable as they will have slight wear and tear from being used for PR opportunities. 

It is a numbers game and can really vary. Like every industry, the fashion industry has its own calendar of high and low times. Award season is always exceptionally high as stylist are looking to secure wardrobe and accessories for their clients for all the major award shows (AMA's, Grammys, MTV awards, SAG awards, Oscars, BET awards, Golden Globes, Emmy, ESPY etc) In addition magazines are shooting their issues either every quarter or every month. In addition to that, there are fashion weeks, other celebrity events such as brunches, red carpets, movie premiers, launch events, festivals, Holidays events, and other press events. We work consistently to get your brand pulled for all these events. The more styles and size variety we have, the better chance for your brand to be loaned out and used. 

Yes, we loan out your samples for a short time period per request. If a stylist requests your brand for a photoshoot, we try to coordinate the appointment to loan out the products the day before their photoshoot, and the stylist would return those items the day after the photoshoot. We try our best to limit the length of time your items are out on a pull so it can be back for the next opportunity. 

Thats why having duplicates in different sizes are important. However, it is unlikely that one stylist is going to pull every single piece from your brand at once. We closely monitor how many styles we let out at a time and for what project. After a few weeks of your brand being in the showroom, we start to see the trends and the items that are most requested. If we feel we need more duplicates or alternative styles, we will let you know and request them from you. 

No! it would not benefit us to sell or rent the items as it would discourage the stylists to pull from us. The showroom business model is based on a trust and loan system. We loan on the product for free to stylists, and they try to get the product placed on their clients. Stylists are always good about returning the items in a timely manner  with little to no damage to the products as they want to keep a good standing relationship with showrooms. As a safety measure we do keep stylists credit cards on file incase they never return items, if that happens we charge their credit card the full retail price of the items and send that amount to the brand. On the other hand, we do have a rental side of our showroom and those styles are not from our clients, they are wardrobe and accessories we have bought over time and collected to rent out when requested. 

If by chance your samples get lost or stolen as they are out on a PR request, we then WILL charge the stylist the full retail price if the brand request that. At the time you decide to move on from our showroom, we return all samples to you and any items missing or stolen you will receive the full retail price for. We never keep any money from the stylist.  We are happy to mention, we have had minimal lost or stolen issues with our network. 

We keep track of ALL your brands activities and review it with you at the end of every month. If you received placements and images we like to send them to you immediately so you can advertise it on your digital platforms when it's the most relevant. We are very flexible and love staying in constant contact with our clients we can arrange weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls depending on your preference. 

Yes, if this happens we will contact you right away and ask you for that permission and details on who it is and what you will benefit from the gifting.  Additionally, we are happy to work with you on setting aside additional inventory specifically for gifting opportunities. 

Once we upload your product images we will send you a link and login to view your page. We will request any edits you may want on your page and give you final approval before we make your page live. 

We guide you on the best practices to take full advantage of the press. We may suggest posting it on social media, embedding it into a blog, including it on your website on a press page, or running a marketing ad with it. The images are for you to use however you want. 

You can fill out our easy designer application by clicking below and we will be in touch to set up a call.