Gain Exposure an brand awareness

Trust is what consumers are looking for when they are browsing and shopping for brands to purchase from. Trust comes from referrals, word of mouth, and visibility in the marketplace. The more your product is visible on credible media, celebrities and magazines the more that emotional connection with consumers increases, which results in brand awareness, loyalty and conversions. At AMPR we make it a one stop shop to get your brand and product out in the media. We create your own dedicated digital showroom and list your collection making it convenient for the fashion industry, magazine editors, fashion stylists and tastemakers to find your brand. Our approved network of fashion stylists request your product conveniently through our platform to use on celebrities, editorial/magazines, and media productions giving your brand more exposure and credibility. We love working with both new and established brands as our stylists are always looking for new and fresh collections.

why is this important for a brand?

As more and more consumers are turning to E-commerce stores to shop it is becoming more competitive for brands to stand out. Customers are needing that extra push, familiarity, or incentive to convert to a sale. The more they see your brand on multiple media + social platforms the more likely shoppers become customers. Whats different about AMPR? With our 7+ years of showroom experience, We have fine-tuned the exact convenient ingredients that is needed to get the right top tier appointments secured to loan out your product through our network of contacts. We streamlined the pull loan cycle for our contacts to choose us when they are looking for brands to use on their media projects. Not only does each brand have its own dedicated online showroom that is user friendly and minimal steps to complete a request but Your collection will also be in our physical showroom located in Los Angeles. For the stylists who want to feel and see the product in person, they have that option and can pick up same day. At the end of every month AMPR will collect all the placements and images to send you monthly recaps and reports of all activity and where your product has been. We make it easy for you too with minimal steps- Send your samples and we do the rest!