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•Trust is what consumers are looking for when they are browsing and shopping for brands to purchase from.

•Trust comes from referrals, word of mouth, visibility in the marketplace, and 3rd party affiliation.

•The more your product is visible on credible media, celebrities and magazines the more that emotional connection with consumers increases, which results in brand awareness, loyalty and conversions.


•At AMPR we make it a one stop shop to get your brand and product out in the media. We create your own dedicated digital showroom and list your collection making it available for the fashion industry, magazine editors, fashion stylists and tastemakers to find and request samples from your brand both conveniently and immediately.

•Our approved network of national and international fashion stylists request your product conveniently through our platform to use on celebrities, editorial/magazines, and media productions giving your brand more exposure and credibility.

•In addition to your brand being available virtually. We also include your samples in our physical showroom located in Los Angeles for stylists to pick up in person.

•AMPR will collect all the media placements and images and send over to our clients and explain the best practices to leverage and repurpose these assets on your digital platforms.

•We don't believe in contracts. Our clients have the control of when to start, when to stop and offer month to month options. Pause or cancel membership anytime. 

•Our monthly rates are affordable and our commitment to you is undeniable. Our boutique agency believes in one-on-one attention and a tailored approach.




•Discover new and established brands and have FREE/unlimited access to our designers collections for your next media or press production.

•FREE for stylists and editors to join. Our Application takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

Once your account is complete and approved, you can login 24/7 to browse for product and request items automatically. No wait time or back and forth email coordinating.

•We make it easy to browse our digital showrooms conveniently by brands, size, and category.

•Add your selected items into your shopping cart and request the time and date you want to pickup at your convenience.

•No more line sheets and the hassle of trying to make it clear what items you are interested in pulling.

•All information regarding your pull requests are done online, minimizing all in person paperwork or credit card requests.

•Order forms are emailed to you automatically after you place an order so you can conveniently reference what you requested before even picking up items.

•Your requests are pre-wrapped and ready ahead of time for your pickup time and date, allowing you in and out in no time.

•Convenient on site parking and a cafe on our floor to get the pick-me-up you need as you continue your day.

•Our mission is to make the pull process as streamlined as possible. We have carefully dissected every step of the process saving you more time and less hassle.

•Apply below and a member of our team will review and approve your application with-in 48 hours. If you need to request a pull immediately for a current project feel free to email us at ampr@ashleymichaelsen.com so we can be notified to expedite your approval access.